T-shirt Design

This week I was working on a little project for my students. It is a small team of CS sophomores that I am currently mentoring for the Google CodeU program. Each team is supposed to pick a name, and encouraged to design a logo in order to foster team spirit. As a mentor, I do not get involved directly in their coding project (that would be completely unfair), but I wanted to contribute something more physical than just my advice. I've made T-shirt designs for my teams in the past two years, so it seemed perfectly logical to continue with Continue Reading

Bratwurst Poster

Today's blog is about a silly poster. Just like all silly things, it has a little back story. I work at this nice place that provides lunch to employees. Most of the time we get what you would consider "healthy". One day, it was announced that for lunch we will have bratwurst (which is a type of sausage). My coworkers felt like they had to justify eating something as unhealthy as bratwurst, so one of them pulled out a box of crayons and wrote this lovely memo that he put on the office wall :) I found this so absurdly fascinating Continue Reading

Blog Theme Update

When I started this blog, I picked a responsive theme that looked pretty. I got a nice stock image to use with it. All seemed good until I realized that people go to my blog, and all they see is the giant image, and not the stuff that I am writing. Why would they keep scrolling and looking? Exactly, there is no reason why they wouldn't just close the tab and move on. I started looking at other themes, and there were a couple decent ones, but none of them really had all that I wanted. So, I decided to Continue Reading

Calligraphy Conference

This week I was at the International Calligraphy Conference in Swannanoa, North Carolina. It is the first calligraphy conference that I've gone to, and it has definitely exceeded my expectations. It was held at the Warren Wilson College, and I got to (once again) sleep in a dorm. I can't say I missed the experience :) My classes were held in the science building, and one of them was even in a Chemistry lab! There were about 200 attendees, and about 30 different classes to choose from. Some classes lasted the whole 5 days, while others were 2.5 days long, Continue Reading

#5DayDraw Challenge: Communicating Through Drawing

Now that I am officially done with my class, it is time for a drawing challenge! Hand-letter each of the letterforms as a living creature For this challenge, I had a choice of several words. I picked "garden": Collaborative drawing: take turns to draw until the paper is filled I did this one with a friend. We sat down together at her desk and drew the outlines. Then we colored the whole piece. Can you guess which parts are mine? :) This was much more fun than I thought it would be. And it didn't end up looking lame, which was Continue Reading