#5DayDraw Challenge: Communicating Through Drawing

Now that I am officially done with my class, it is time for a drawing challenge! Hand-letter each of the letterforms as a living creature For this challenge, I had a choice of several words. I picked "garden": Collaborative drawing: take turns to draw until the paper is filled I did this one with a friend. We sat down together at her desk and drew the outlines. Then we colored the whole piece. Can you guess which parts are mine? :) This was much more fun than I thought it would be. And it didn't end up looking lame, which was Continue Reading

#5DayDraw Challenge: Different Ways to Draw

Since the previous challenge was so much fun, I decided to do another one. This time, the topic was "Different Ways to Draw". What exactly does that mean? As I found out, a lot of crazy things! Day 1: Draw on a discarded paper item I had to find a discarded paper item, such as a paper cup, or center of toilet paper roll, and draw on it. I happened to run out of paper towels on that day, so the item was easy to find. Here is what I drew on it: Day 2: Pick a culture and draw Continue Reading

#5DayDraw Challenge

My friend invited me to participate in a five day drawing challenge. The point of the challenge is to create one drawing (or something more complex) every day based on the assignment. The topic of this one was Diversify your drawing. Day 1: Draw distorted human proportions When I saw this assignment, I immediately thought of Barbie dolls with their extremely long legs. Needless to say, my image reflects a similar distortion. Day 2: Draw on rocks The second assignment just said to draw whatever on pebbles, and recommended to use oil-based markers. Those are some of the foulest-smelling art Continue Reading