Calligraphy Conference

This week I was at the International Calligraphy Conference in Swannanoa, North Carolina. It is the first calligraphy conference that I've gone to, and it has definitely exceeded my expectations. It was held at the Warren Wilson College, and I got to (once again) sleep in a dorm. I can't say I missed the experience :) My classes were held in the science building, and one of them was even in a Chemistry lab! There were about 200 attendees, and about 30 different classes to choose from. Some classes lasted the whole 5 days, while others were 2.5 days long, Continue Reading

Dream not quite come true

I've heard a lot about the St. Gallen library in Switzerland which hosts a number old manuscripts. I've looked at some of pages from the books that they have at the e-codices site. It seemed like the most wonderful place in the world for someone like me, who is very much into calligraphy. St. Gallen was at the top of my list of destinations in Switzerland. As soon as I was done with work in Zürich, I hopped on a train and headed to St. Gallen Abbey. The abbey itself is a cute little town, and I had little trouble Continue Reading

Chaika: Cyrillic typeface

One day I was browsing Lebedev's "business lynch" web-site, and came across somebody's question about the font used in the Chaika sewing machine logo. The verdict of the person who had looked at it ran along the lines of "that letter Ч has a very interesting shape, I wonder what the rest of the alphabet would look like". I decided that I would very much like to know that too. There was just a teeny-tiny problem: I had never written with pointed pen before, so when I tried to come up with an alphabet, I didn't even know which strokes Continue Reading

Holiday card season!

It is holiday season again, which means it is time to send greeting cards to friends, family and neighbors. This year, I decided to make my own cards. I have made quite a few cards in the past, but it has always been one card at a time, usually for somebody's birthday. Now, I sat down and made 18 of them in one day, and that was one of the most exciting things I did this month! The idea of "mass production" came to me after we had a holiday card-making event at work. When I went there, I thought Continue Reading

Assignment #2: Refine the logo

It's been a little while since I've written about my design class and its assignments. Part of the reason for that is I have dropped the class, so I only have one more assignment to write about. As you may remember from my previous post, I had 5 different logo treatments, and I had to select and refine one of them. After getting the feedback from my instructor, classmate and some friends, I decided to go with the brush version: First, I was going to refine the "Mana" part. I decided to use type for the "fine furniture" piece, since Continue Reading