Assignment #4: Book (Part 2)

For the second week of the project, I had to create a pagination plan for the entire book, and also to come up with 10 images that would support the story. On top of that, I had to refine my spreads and to clarify my creative driver. Pagination was by far the easiest part: I knew I wanted my book to have 4 sections based on the text. Note that there are two sections that contain lyrics. This is intentional — the first one has those lyrics in proper poetic form, and the second one makes them flow like normal text. Continue Reading

Assignment #4: Book (Part 1)

The final assignment for my class was to create a book using the provided text. The purpose of this book is to be a high-quality "museum" piece, which serves as tribute to the musician or band that is the subject of the text. This assignment spanned five weeks, and had a different stage for each of those. For week 1, the goal was to figure out what the most important spread in the book would be. It had to be something that sets the "DNA" of the entire book. It would need to have enough hierarchical elements, and be something Continue Reading

Assignment #3: Expression poster (final version)

Back in February, I was working on the expression poster for my class. I got some feedback about what I could improve, but since the improvements were not required, I kept putting them off, and off, and off. And then of course I realized that it's April already :) The lettering on the original version was done mostly as a quick sketch, so I went back and redid the parts that didn't look that great. I also changed the background color, since I was told that my original version was not "acidic" enough. Now, there is so much contrast that you Continue Reading

Assignment #3: Expression poster (Part 2)

Last week, I came up with two poster ideas that I brought to class with me. Based on the comments that I received, I made some changes and created the final version. One of the complaints about my initial ideas was that the type was not psychedelic enough. I did some research into what psychedelic posters look like, and decided to do some hand-lettering for the song title. I knew that I wanted to have 3 boxes of the same size in the title. One of the ideas that my instructor gave me was to rotate them by 45° so Continue Reading

Assignment #3: Expression poster (Part 1)

The next assignment for my class is a two-week project. The goal is to create a poster that promotes a song by "capturing the essence of that song typographically". The constraints are as follows: Only text should be used on the poster (no images). There should be at most 3 colors (including background). The poster should have 3 different levels for viewer (50ft, 5ft, 5in). Minimum size is 13x20in, but can be larger. The poster should include the title of the song, full lyrics, author/composer, and playing time. For the first week, I need to present two different layouts Continue Reading