TypeCon and Blog Update

Last week I went to TypeCon (which is a typographic conference). It was conveniently held in Seattle, so I didn't have to travel far or pay an exorbitant amount for a hotel room. I first heard about this conference last year, when I signed up to take a workshop on Cyrillic typefaces in Denver, but didn't attend any of the conference itself. This year, I took a two-day workshop with John Downer and Paul Herrera on brush lettering. Afterwards, I registered to attend the conference itself, which lasted for another three days. If I had to list the one thing Continue Reading

Cooking Temperatures, Part 1

Phew, last two weeks have been quite busy! I had the CodeU summit in California, and then spent the weekend kayaking for 20 miles along the San Juan island coast. Not trying to make excuses here, but I didn't have the time to finish any exciting projects. My goal is to spend an hour every day doing calligraphy or lettering, but it seems that traveling always gets in the way of that plan. I also still fully intend to post something on my blog every week, even though I had missed last week. I finally started working on a project Continue Reading

We Can Always Eat More

You might think that this is a strange thing for me to say, "We can always eat more." That's because I didn't come up with the phrase. One day, several months ago, I was eating dinner with my friends. I don't remember the exact details any more, but at some point Denis said these words. I would never think of him as someone who would eat too much, which made the whole thing hilarious. The phrase was permanently stuck in my mind, and I knew I wanted to write it out and give it to him one day. I'm sure Continue Reading

Bratwurst Poster

Today's blog is about a silly poster. Just like all silly things, it has a little back story. I work at this nice place that provides lunch to employees. Most of the time we get what you would consider "healthy". One day, it was announced that for lunch we will have bratwurst (which is a type of sausage). My coworkers felt like they had to justify eating something as unhealthy as bratwurst, so one of them pulled out a box of crayons and wrote this lovely memo that he put on the office wall :) I found this so absurdly fascinating Continue Reading

Assignment #3: Expression poster (final version)

Back in February, I was working on the expression poster for my class. I got some feedback about what I could improve, but since the improvements were not required, I kept putting them off, and off, and off. And then of course I realized that it's April already :) The lettering on the original version was done mostly as a quick sketch, so I went back and redid the parts that didn't look that great. I also changed the background color, since I was told that my original version was not "acidic" enough. Now, there is so much contrast that you Continue Reading