Assignment #3: Expression poster (Part 2)

Last week, I came up with two poster ideas that I brought to class with me. Based on the comments that I received, I made some changes and created the final version. One of the complaints about my initial ideas was that the type was not psychedelic enough. I did some research into what psychedelic posters look like, and decided to do some hand-lettering for the song title. I knew that I wanted to have 3 boxes of the same size in the title. One of the ideas that my instructor gave me was to rotate them by 45° so Continue Reading

On the direction of light

One of the most fundamental principles of creating a three-dimensional scene is to establish the direction of light. In a complex composition, there may be multiple light sources, and some objects may be obscured by one another, but today I am going to present a much simpler case. Consider this sign: The letters themselves are flat, but the two colors are used to create an illusion of volume. If you look at the first couple letters, everything looks pretty good. I can believe that the H and E actually have volume. However, if you continue looking down the line, you Continue Reading