Cannot unsee

One of my friends recently linked me to this XKCD comic since I have been complaining about kerning lately. The best part is this is actually pretty close to the truth. Once you learn to see bad kerning, it becomes really hard to ignore it. No matter where you look, it is bound to crop up. I was staying at a nice resort and picked up the card that was sitting next to the ice bucket. C-HILL. I mean, chill. It's off just enough to be disturbing. As I was walking around the resort, I kept thinking that they need Continue Reading

The importance of space

One of the most commonly overlooked things in typography is, as you may have guessed by the title of this post, spacing. There are two key terms, kerning and letter spacing that come into play here. The difference is that kerning refers to space between two particular characters, while letter spacing is applied throughout the entire line or paragraph between all pairs of characters. However, there are other types of spacing, such as word spacing, that I will mention below. Regardless of what we call it, space should always be balanced, since among other things it affects legibility. Below I Continue Reading