Dream not quite come true

I've heard a lot about the St. Gallen library in Switzerland which hosts a number old manuscripts. I've looked at some of pages from the books that they have at the e-codices site. It seemed like the most wonderful place in the world for someone like me, who is very much into calligraphy. St. Gallen was at the top of my list of destinations in Switzerland. As soon as I was done with work in Z├╝rich, I hopped on a train and headed to St. Gallen Abbey. The abbey itself is a cute little town, and I had little trouble Continue Reading

Swiss design?

All throughout college I've heard so much about how awesome Swiss design is. I've also seen a huge number of examples: books, posters, typefaces... I have to say, though, that generalizations of this kind are harmful. When you call something good or bad based on such a blanket definition, you are invariably not giving proper credit to some things and giving too much credit to others. A couple weeks ago, I did a post on signs that I saw back in the US. I pointed out that they were not in line with the original Helvetica Man design. While the Continue Reading