Assignment #4: Book (Part 5)

Well, this is the longest series of posts I've written so far! In fact, if I made one post for each iteration of the book, I'd have to make one more. I feel like I've spent enough time talking about it, though, so I am going to combine the rest into a single post. For the final critique, I addressed all of the issues that had come up before. I was finally at the point where I actually liked what I made. Below are the thumbnails for the entire book (except for the last page and the cover). Some of Continue Reading

Assignment #4: Book (Part 4)

For this week, I just had to refine what I had. Originally, this was supposed to be the last class before the book was due, fully printed and bound. However, the instructor was nice and allowed us to have that extra week for the final critique, and then the book would be due after that. I was very happy to have the extra week. I had made some improvements to my key spreads, but I didn't feel like they were good enough. Something just wasn't quite right yet. I updated the quotes to be larger as per critique from the Continue Reading

Assignment #4: Book (Part 3)

The night before the third class, I finally nailed my creative driver. I was crying in the shower when it suddenly came to me: "Freedom to experiment". It was something that the Wikipedia article had mentioned. The Beatles pretended to be a different band so that they could experiment with their songs. Maybe I could do some experimentation too? The next part of the assignment was to put together the book based on the plan from previous week (it could have some placeholders for now), and to continue working on the key spreads. To present this in class, I had Continue Reading

Assignment #4: Book (Part 2)

For the second week of the project, I had to create a pagination plan for the entire book, and also to come up with 10 images that would support the story. On top of that, I had to refine my spreads and to clarify my creative driver. Pagination was by far the easiest part: I knew I wanted my book to have 4 sections based on the text. Note that there are two sections that contain lyrics. This is intentional — the first one has those lyrics in proper poetic form, and the second one makes them flow like normal text. Continue Reading

Assignment #4: Book (Part 1)

The final assignment for my class was to create a book using the provided text. The purpose of this book is to be a high-quality "museum" piece, which serves as tribute to the musician or band that is the subject of the text. This assignment spanned five weeks, and had a different stage for each of those. For week 1, the goal was to figure out what the most important spread in the book would be. It had to be something that sets the "DNA" of the entire book. It would need to have enough hierarchical elements, and be something Continue Reading